1. Must have no report in rulebreaker report section.
2. In two weeks you will be in SSS(Stoned Secret Service) (you can skip this rule)
3. Respect all players and admins.
4. I to player /r doesn't work report him must have screenshoots.
5. Don't "Knife" Innocent players.
6. Ask me if you wanna join clan,
7. Don't be rude for players, admins and clan members
8. If i will know you breaked some rules off this topic you will be baned from clan (For 5 permanent clan ban ,  3-8 weeks or moths).
10. If you break rules of clan your destiny will be decided by /v (or admins) ex: [SFF]WhoCares ban from clan for 3 moths /y or 3 weeks /n
11. Don't pretend being me you will be baned permanently from clan.
12. Report here about [SSF] member rulebreak.
13. Don't inpersonise Player nicks or (i personise Jesus and i kill you).
14. Stick by /r too.
15. Don't Spam too.
16. Everyone who joins [SSF] must pass test (shooting, fighting and assault)
17. Ignoring my orders or admin orders will be talked with player officially
18. Interupting ROLEPLAY or just changing will get you ranked down.
19. Get ranks by joining events like DRIFTING, DM , TDM , RP , RACING , DRAG , FIGHTING or helping others
20. You be downgraded if you rulebreaking or abusing rules (see above)